Rainbow Naret Energy Saving Material Limited
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Position: Executive Trainee(s)

Rainbow Naret Energy Saving Material is a manufacturing, product design, system service (engineering for exterior wall construction) and sales operating company - the largest energy saving material / system provider for exterior wall construction in Northern China.
Her product lines include energy saving / insulation system for exterior wall, construction paints, industrial paints, window frame and wall curtain design and production, special purpose protection coating / paints (i.e. fire resistant coating for steel construction) with total market capacity over 2 billion RMB.
The current total number of employees in Beijing operation is over 350, and is expecting to grow to 530.

Job Description:

To assist department directors in dealing with general management activities, organizing business activities, preparing reports and business process improvement.
The person will be relocated to different department over the period in order to find suitable managerial position within 2 years.

Job Requirements:

Good process management concept
Able to put knowledge into applications
Good communication skills (Chinese)
Logical and analytical mind sets
Willing to be a group leader, team player and builder

Job Location:

Beijing, PRC

Additional Information:

Company website:
Direct Contact: Sidney Tam (86)-13801125082
Email: or


For non-local (Beijing) resident, the company provides accommodations inside the production facility (individual apartment, may share with other colleague, depending on the availability).